TN TRB PG Answer Key – Assistant Exam 2015 Paper Solution

TN TRB PG Answer Key – Assistant Exam 2015 Paper Solution

Teacher Recruitment Board, Tamil Nadu state Today 10th January 2015 conducted Post Graduated Assistant exam for various examination centers. Huge number of aspirant appear in examination. Now after examination aspirant looking for TRB PG Assistant Exam 2015 Answer Key for various set like – SET A, SET B, SET C, SET D. Official website after exam 2 or 3 day examination provided pdf file at –

As you know the government of Tamil Nadu, Teacher Recruitment Board of Chennai previous months of 2014 issued various notification. Tamil Nadu Education Board issued Post Graduated Assistant Recruitment 2014 to 2015 session. Huge number of application form fill by candidates. As per schedule of recruitment notification conduct PG Assistant Exam Today 10th January 2015

TN TRB PG Answer Key 2015

  • TN – Tamil Nadu
  • TRB – Teacher Recruitment Board
  • Post Name – Post Graduated Assistant Post
  • Exam Date – 10th January 2015 (Saturday)
  • Total Number of Post – 1807 Posts

Tamil Nadu Teacher Recruitment Board is one of type department is conduct state government recruitment and vacancy. They provided duty of board is to appoint Knowledge, Teacher Jobs, Qualification details, Secondary School and primary teacher recruitment 2015.On the basis of graduated candidates gives preference to teaching jobs special in Government Colleges & Institutes.

Tamil Nadu TRB Assistant Exam Analysis

IN Post Graduated Assistant Exam question paper carry Total marks is 150. and each question is one marks each, now we provided marks as per pattern is – Main Subjects marks – 110, Education Methodology marks – 30 , General Knowledge (GK) paper marks – 10.

This exam conducted in various subject wise. Tamil Nadu every year conducted PG Assistant Post recruitment examination. Huge number of candidates appear in exam OR after exam candidates want to check OR download Subject Wise Answer Key 2015 Paper Solution Check list of subject –

  • Home Science
  • Tamil
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Physical Education
  • English
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Commerce
  • Botany
  • History
  • Mirco Biology
  • Bio Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Telugu

Finally as er schedule Today TN TRB Post Graduated Assistant Exam 2015 successfully conduct at issued dates and time. Lack number of candidates apply for recruitment and they know to pdf file of paper solution wright now. This exam held on various 2 session like Morning Session & Evening Session. Many of coaching center provided coaching to students to clear this examination. We provided list of if you want to check – Radian IAS Academy, Shankar IAS Academy, Appolo Study, Aambal, Unique IAS, KPR IAS, Sathya IAS, United Academy, Success IAS etc.

TRB PG Assistant 2015 Paper Solution Download

All over Tamil Nadu state 7 district students, candidates participated in TRB Exam 2015 and waiting to check Answer key with Question Paper Analysis also. This exam held in various examination centers of Tamil Nadi we give that list also – Thiruvallur, Namakkal, Karur, Erode, Dindigul, Nilgiris, Salem, Theni, Tiruppur many more.

Download TRB PG Assistant Answer Key 2015

Get TN TRB Assistant Exam 2015 Answer Key

  • First search official website –
  • You find your get Home page of official website.
  • You need to search flash icon or Notification – Answer Key.
  • Need to click on it and open in new tab.
  • Select your subject list or set you want to download it.
  • ow pdf file automatically download and check TRB PG Assistant Answer Key 2015

TRB TN PG Assistant Result Latest Updates also check – 

Hope official website upload official solved answer key soon as possible, when official website issued pdf file we are upgrade you link and provided TRB Answer Key 2015 for all subject. Now at that candidates need to follow us and keep visited provided link. After Answer Key and Paper solution candidates want Check Selection of Criteria and Merit list of TRB PG Assistant Exam 2015. Now official website coming day in Feb or March 2015 declared TRB TN Assistant Result, TRB PG Exam Merit list. So candidates need to regular visit and follow link we have provided to you.

All Queries / Clarifications related to TRB PG Assistant Exam 2015 informed to official administrative and call help line number also –

Director of Employment and Training Grindy

Chennai – 600032

Official website –

Wish You All The Best For TRB PG Assistant Answer Key 2015



    DATE OF EXAMINATION: 10-01-2015
    1 C. AS -14
    2 C. Shareholders
    3 D. 5 Years
    4 D. Time Period Concept
    5 C. Unsecured Creditors
    6 C. Chunk
    7 C.
    8 B. 65.75
    9 A. Mean = Median = Mode
    10 A. Conservatism Convention
    11 D. All the above
    12 B. Attributes
    13 A. r+P.E.
    14 C. Type I error
    15 B. 1877
    16 D. All of these
    17 A. I and II
    18 B.May 1978
    19 D. All of these
    20 A. Drone
    21 A. Fixed Overheads
    22 B. 3,41,960
    23 A. Number of Employees
    24 C. 14
    25 B. 1972 as a Public Corporation
    26 C. Risk Capital
    27 D. Financing for new technology, high risk projects
    28 D. 50% of transport cost
    29 D. All of the above
    30 A. 10,00,000
    31 C. Batch Costing
    32 B. and D. are correct answer**
    33 D. Recording Cost
    34 A. Wages paid to indirect workers
    35 C. Semi-variable overheads
    36 C. 125
    37 D. Hand to mouth buying**
    38 A. 3 years
    39 C. Angle between sales and total cost line
    40 B. Fixed Cost/PV Ratio
    41 B. Credit sales and account receivables
    42 C. (A) and (B) are correct
    43 C. Increase in Current liabilities
    44 B. Recorded facts
    45 D. All of the above
    46 A. Creating demand for new products
    47 A. Advertisement Copy
    48 D. Destructive advertising
    49 B. Post-test
    50 D. International level
    51 C. Personality and self concept
    52 A. Impossible
    53 B. Consumer
    54 B. A.H. Shaw and L.D.H. Weld
    55 A. Market oriented philosophy
    56 A. Net profit plus increase in outstanding expenses
    57 D. All of these
    58 A. Budget for different capacity levels
    59 D. Discounted cash flow method
    60 A. 20%
    61 D. 5,000
    62 A. 20,000
    63 D. 11.11
    64 A. Credited to the respective contract account
    65 C. 1950
    66 B. Green Card
    67 D. Endorsement
    68 D. All the above are correct
    69 C. House Rent Allowance
    70 A. taxable for all employees
    71 C. Sec. 226
    72 C. To declare dividend
    73 D. All the above are not liable
    74 A. 1st April 1957
    75 D. All the above are correct
    76 D. All the above
    77 C. Test Checking
    78 C. Modernisaion to fixed assets
    79 D. Preliminary expenses
    80 D. None of the above
    81 B. 2 lakhs
    82 A. Up to 4 years from the end of the relevant assessment year
    83 C. Personal Identification Number
    84 C. Raising loan from the bank
    85 B. 1964
    86 C. Authorised Capital
    87 D. Competitor
    88 C. Certificate of Commencement
    89 C. Model of Articles of Association
    90 B. Error of Commission
    91 A. 5 Crore**
    92 B. Unlimited Liability
    93 A. 25 Crores
    94 D. All the above
    95 B. One year
    96 D. Special Drawing Right
    97 A. Uruguay Round
    98 B.Forward Trade
    99 A. 1 lakh and 5 lakhs
    100 B. 21**
    101 A. Increased
    102 D. All the above
    103 A. December 19, 1966
    104 A. January 1, 1982
    105 A. Government participation in foreign trade**
    106 B. 4,000
    107 A. Liquidated
    108 A. Net Assets
    109 B. Board for Industrial and Finance Reconstruction
    110 B. 51%
    111 D. Ed. Silva
    112 D. C.V. Raman
    113 B. 1951
    114 B. Shanghai
    115 C. PSLV – C25
    116 B. Sama Veda
    117 C. 1920
    118 C. 26 November 1949
    119 A. Rajaji
    120 C. Carbon-di-oxide
    121 B. J. Krishnamurthi
    122 C. November, 1989
    123 B. John Holt
    124 D. UGC
    125 D. Online Public Access Catalog
    126 C. W.B. Cannon
    127 D. Schizophrenia
    128 C. Pragmatism
    129 B. 1921
    130 C. Bertrand Russell
    131 B. British
    132 D. Masson’s Disc
    133 A. Pinter-Patterson Scale
    134 B. Rabbit
    135 B. Charles Judd
    136 A. Positive
    137 C. Perception
    138 B.F. Skinner
    139 D. Interest
    140 C. Skill
    141 D. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
    142 B.Dr. Sampurnanand
    143 D. Hartog
    144 C. Robert Havighurst
    145 A. Kolesnik
    146 B. 2nd October 1978
    147 C. M. Bhaktavatsalam Committee (1959)
    148 B. Artile 28(1)
    149 C. 1969
    150 D. Dehradun

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