AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency or Syndrome

Acquired – is not hereditary, HIV must enter the bloodstream to be Infectious

Immunodefieciency – When the immune system is damage the body is unable to fight off infection.

Syndrome – HIV causes a combination og syndrome, disease, and infection also.



About AIDS – Symptoms, Treatments

First all of AIDS research in US in based on AIDS theory. Is caused by a virus. The New England Journal of Medicine report yesterday research at National Institutes of Health. They prove that AIDS effecting the our body cells. They break down the ability of body, strength and immunity also. They suffering form any diseas its regular at the end with person.

Symptoms of AIDS

Major Signs –

In this disease person got above 100 degree calcius fever at least one month in absence of other causes. They loss there weight up to 10% of the body weight. They cause continuous diarrhea persisting for 1 month also absence of any causes.

Minor Signs –

  • They got cough at least one month.
  • Oropharyngeal candidiasis.
  • Generalised pruritic dermititis.
  • Chronic progressive, herpes simplex infection also got.

AIDS Etiology

AIDS is caused by an infection with HIV 1 and HIV 2 retrovirus and has common causes world wide HIV 2. Its more closer to immuno deficiency viruses.  They identified  in west Africa HIV 1. They are two group is M or O Group. M is 10 sub types like A to J. and In India Subjects C predominates.

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