Is MBA A Criterion To be Successful?

India is a country that have its educational system all wrapped around the concept of success with MBA. Students from different backgrounds and education attempt at entrance tests like CAT, XAT etc to get into a good business school. Information technology industry in India is only solely focused on candidates with MBA degree, which is something not all of us are aware off.

Sure a student with a MBA degree has a very bright future but other who decides to move in the opposite direction tends to shine as well. An engineering student with great skills and high intelligence can get a good job at any IT company in comparison to someone with an average engineering degree and MBA. At the end of the day skills matter the most to the people who are hiring you and degrees are left in the papers. If you know what you are doing and you are good at it, then an MBA will only add as a bonus to your resume but not the sole reason of your success.

Same goes for other professions in an IT company that are beyond engineering and MBA degrees. Recently a girl from Delhi was a topper of her school but decided to pursue simple BA from a college and studied for IAS examination. She is now currently selected as an IAS of a very popular state.

Success follows those who are dedicated and motivated to achieve their goals, regardless of the how many degrees they have in their kitty. India is filled with such stories that have made it big without an MBA degree in their profile. Students in the line of computer science are very high in demand due to their exceptional computer handling skills. There are many different sectors that require different skills and not all have an MBA requirement.

You can become a highly qualified computer professional and IT department of a company. MBA Exam prepares people for jobs like human resources, which is only one in each company and they are other plenty of jobs. In fact there is less competition in other sections of a company than the ones that require an MBA degree.

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