Iatrogenic Disease – Types, Importance-Sources Of Latrogenic

Iatrogenic Disease – Types, Importance-Sources of Iatrogenic – Check Iatrogenic Disease Definition, Types and Various profile contents

An iatrogenic Disorder is dysfunctions syndromes in the patient owe their causes to the action of the practitioner.

Iatrogenic Means

brought forth by a healer. they can refers to good or bad effects, it is almost effects to refer state of ill health or adversary effects, complication caused by or resulting from medical treatment.

Types Of Iatrogenesis – 




Iatrogenic is most often used to refer to the harmful consequences of action by physicians, it can equally be the results of action by other medical professionals, such as phychologists, therapists, nurses, dentists.

Importance –

Iatrogenic is a major phenomena and server risk to patients. In 9% of all persons admitted, the incident was considered major in that treatment life or produced considerable disability.

Causes of Hospital iatrogenic death per years –

2000 – unnecessary surgery

7000 – medication errors

20,000 – other errors in hospitals

80.000 – infections in hospitals

106,000 – non errors, negative affects of drugs

Sources Of Iatrogenesis –

  1. Medical errors
  2. Negligenence or family procedures
  3. Doctors assisted suicide
  4. Poor prescription handwriting
  5. Prescription drugs interaction
  6. Blood Transfusion
  7. Medical Torture
  8. Mental, Muscular Disease
  9. Nosocomial Infection
  10. Misdiagnosis
  11. Radical Treatment
  12. Overuse and Over Drug Used

Iatrogenic condition do not results from medical errors such as mistakes made in surgery, or prescription, dispensing the wrong therapy. In fact intrinsic and some time adverse effects of medical treatment causes. This adverse effects like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, therapeutic agents apply on body, , anemia, vomiting, nausea, brain damage.

In other situation iatrogenic effects cause by prescription and bad hand writing, many of drugs are last wording are same. When a doctor are prescribe a drug to patient. They write a drug in paper to purchase it.

They Pharmacist are given drugs when write in paper. Its hand writing major causes for pharmacist to given wrong drug to patient. So Doctors must be write a drug name in good hand writing.

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