Gout – Definition Symptoms (Causes) Pathogenesis Check out

Gout – Definition Symptoms (Causes) Pathogenesis Check out Check About Gout related Dises and Couses, Symptoms. Types of Gouts, Pathogenesis of Gout

Gout – Gout is a disorder of  Prunine Metablism, When is manifested either due to over production or excretion of uric acid is called Gout.

About Gout

Over Production – Over Production of Uric Acid is due to Primary or enzyme deficiencies in the metabolism pathway of purine. Or Second due to increase purine turnover as heamolytic or myeloproliferative disease.

Under Excretion – Under excretion of uric acid may be caused by diminished renal function, interaction with various medications and amyloidosis.


Is defined as serum uric acid level of above 7.5mg/100ml in male and 6.6mg/100ml in female. The risk of developing Gout correlated with serum uric acid level. Gout is rare in patients with Uric Adcid level 7mg/100ml. They sudenly attach on patient cause pain lots of pain.

Pathogenesis Process

Gout Pathogenesis

Gout Pathogenesis

Symptoms and Causes

In primary Gout 3 types of manifestations like –

  • Asymptomatic 
  • Acute Gouty
  • Chronic Gouty

Cuases Symptoms and Treatment

First one – is unknown reason held in body,  any of patient with hyperuricemia never develop gouty, renal damage in body

Second One – this cause on onset action, attack is abrupt and typically involve the great toe, although the ankles, knee may involves. Initial attack may be few day or few weeks to recover the pain.

Third One –  This case without treatment of patient cause visible topi develop, permanent joint destruction occurs. They are pain less and itching occurs on it.

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Important for students Urolithiasis –  This is based on Uric Acid stone occurring in patient with gout. The development of urolithiasis may precede the acute attack of gout.

In Gout – Lots of pain in Joint.

When any patient walk the cause pain.

Patient do not move accurate.

In case person do not take any treatment they cause higher level gout.

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