Gene – Central Dogma Of Life ( Allel ) Genome Genotype

Gene – Central Dogma of Life ( Allel ) Genome Genotype

Definition of Gene, Important details about Central Dogma of Life, About Allel and Genome profile, Genotype Detils given bellow Students find main Point of Gene


It is a segment of DNA Located at particular place, Which is unit of Inheritance that carries out from one parent to young one.

Its a molecular unit of heredity of a living organism. its name is given as deoxyribonucleic acids DNA, Ribonucleic Acid RNA, that code for a polypeptide or RNA chain that function in the organism.

Like Structure of Hair, Skeleton Structure of Body, Way of Talk other.

Genotype Definition, About Genotype

Genotype Definition, About Genotype

Central Dogma Of Life

Central dogma is defined as molecular biology is an explanation of the flow of genetic information of life with a biological system in Body. It first state by Dr. Francis Crick in 1956.  Perfectly define as – Its is central dogma of molecular biology deals with the detailed residue by residue transfer of sequential information. That information can not transfer into Protein and in Nucleic Acid.

Genome Structure, Definition

Genome Structure, Definition


↓  (Transcription) 


↓ (Translation)


Information Transfer Into Various Was – 

General Methods – 

  • DNA  to DNA
  • DNA to RNA
  • RNA to Protein

Special Methods – 

  • RNA to DNA
  • RNA to RNA
  • DNA to Protein

Unknown Methods –

  • Protein to DNA
  • Protein to RNA
  • Protein to Protein




↓   (Transcription)


↓    ( Translation )


Allel –

The pair of gene that control two alternative expression of some characters. These are the pair of Hetrozygous, Its alternative form of gene, Its located in chromosomes.

Genome –

It is a total DNA (Genetic Information) contained of an organic and cell. In biological and genetic form genome is genetic material of an organism. its is encoded either in DNA or Virus and RNA. It is created in 1920 by Hans Winkler.

 Genotype –

They are total of gene inherited from some trait irrespective that they are expressed or not. Genotypes is the genetic make up of a cell and organism. This is a individual specific character for one human being and species.

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