Epilepsy – Treatment Process of Pathogenesis, Types, Diagnostic

Epilepsy – Treatment Process of Pathogenesis, Types, Diagnostic

Students check Epilepsy definition, All Treatment for Epilepsy, Various Types of Epilepsy, Process of Pathogenesis, Diagnostic of Epilepsy

About Epilepsy – 

Epilepsy is the disorder of group of CNS Central Nervous System characterized by proxysmal cerebral dysrhythmia (Seizures), Manifesting episodes of loss or dysturbance of consciousness, with or without characteristics body movements. A seizure results of excessive synchronous discharge of cortical neurons and characterized by changes in electrical activity as measured by EEG.

Epilepsy Disease

Epilepsy Disease

Epilepsy Etiology – Epileptic seizure are products by abnormal discharges of neurons that may be caused by any pathological process which affects the brain. They caused epileptic depends upon the ages of the patients and types of seizures.

Causes –

  • Young infant of hypoxia
  • Intracranial trauma during birth
  • Metabolism disturbance
  • Infection

Types of Epilepsy –

Partial Seizures

Simple Partial –

  • with Mortor signs
  • with somatosensory
  • with autonomic signs
  • with psychic symptoms

Complex partial seizures –

  • simple
  • with impairment of consciousness

Partial Seizures 2 generation – 

  • Simple partial seizures
  • Complex partial
  • Simple partial seizures

Generalized Seizures –

  • Absence or atypical absence seizures
  • Myoclonic seizures
  • Clonic
  • Tonic
  • Tonic Clonic
  • Atonic

Epilepsy Pathophysiology –

Epilepsy Pathogenesis, Drugs, Treatment

Epilepsy Pathogenesis, Drugs, Treatment

Property of Mew Antiepileptic Drugs – 

Felbamate – Action (Antagonist of glycerin recognition of NMDA receptor) Adverse Effects (Somnolence, anorexia, nausea, hepatic failure, anemia).

Gabapantin – Action (Unknown may be related voltage gated Ca channels) Effects (Weight loss, Fatigue).

Lamotrigine – Action (Inhibition voltage sensitive sodium channels) Effects (Dizziness, ataxia, nausea, skin rash)

Epilepsy Drugs – 

Carbamazepine, Colbazam, Clonazapam, Diazepam, Gabapentin, Lamotrigine, Vigabatrin, Topira, Primidone, Phenytoin.

Symptoms – 

  1. The persons may bite the tongue.
  2. Loss of muscles tone may also occurs.
  3. Brief shock like muscular contraction pf the face, trunk.
  4. Person going may deep sleep.

Diagnosis –

In patient may be family natures, character, frequency, duration of time, factors indicates, pressure of aura, postical state.

SMA – 20 Physical, laboratory examination, CBC – Blood Cell count.

An EEG should be done as soon after seizures as possible. CT, SPECT done.

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