AIDS (HIV) – Transmission Methods Drugs for Treatment, Test

AIDS (HIV) – Transmission Methods Drugs for Treatment, Test 

AIDS – Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

AIDS is chronic disease occurs in Human and Animals, They first all of discover in Africa. First all of this disease got in a monkey and that monkey eaten by African man. So just beginning on AIDS in World Wide. This disease very dangerous for all living things. This disease any living thing slowly – 2 goes to death stage. When any person got AIDS, they got any disease like fever, cough, cancer etc.

Basic Facts for AIDS (HIV) Virus

Basic Facts for AIDS (HIV) Virus

AIDS – Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

Some basic signs for AIDS –

In any person got AIDS they cause some basic types of signs like – personal got fever above 100 degree for one month any reason. They causes cough every time. They loss 105 weight total weight of body. last diarrhea occurs.

Symptoms – 

They cause fever one month any reason. in case patient get medicine but no effect in fever. They got skin infection in Mouth Skin, Hands Skin, Any part of Body cause by Skin Infection. Slowly – 2 they infection increase and make uncomfortable to person.Patient recurrent of Herpes Zoster. They create stone in mouth of inner side.

Transmission of HIV Virus in Body –

  • Sexual Method – In any person get sexually relation in any AIDS patient get cause by AIDS its a major risk factor for AIDS. – Homosexuality
  • Blood Contact – When any normal patient get contact with AIDS patient Blood, or any fluid product they risk for HIV Virus infection in body.

Two types of factor 

  • High Risk factor – Share of contaminated needles with other patient.
  • Low Risk – Working together with AIDS patient.
  • Vertical Transmission methods – Viva breast milk to child.

Pathophysiology for AIDS –

Interaction of HIV (120gp) with CD4 Cell T Cells = un coating of Viron = Making of Proviral DNS = formed two types of Cell Activates and Inactivated Cell = In Activated CD4+ T Cells = get Budding of Viral Particles = Cytopathic changes occurs = cause Depletion of CD4 Cells and Failure of CD4 Cell response in Antigens.

Diagnostic / Test for AIDS – 

Main test for conducted in AIDS verification is ELISA Test – This test conducted for Antigen and Antibody detection of HIV p24 antigen in Serum and CSF

Drugs Use in AIDS –

Zidovudine (AZT, ZDV)




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